If you want to access Linksys router Admin page then you have to access first its IP address, Admin. It is only entrance or gateway to the Router internal pages.  From there you can setup router for basic to advanced settings. So, next time you try to access admin page of Linksys router first access its IP address Admin. Router manufacturers set up router admin access via IP address or Web address. These addresses permit network administrators to set up their networks and routers. In Linksys router, you can access various security & management features by accessing Admin. Security & management features in Linksys routers are DNS, LAN, WLAN settings, a WPS block, IP QoS & proxy & lot more.

Let’s Take a Look at the Essential Steps Required for login to Linksys Admin page. Before that make sure you have wireless device or computer or knowledge about IP address to complete the Login process. So, let’s begin the process now.

Steps for login to Linksys Router User Interface

  • Open a web browser on your computer or if you are using a wireless device, open on it.
  • Enter Linksys router IP address into a browser address bar & press enter. Make sure you type IP address Admin into browser address bar, otherwise you will get an issue.

  • If you still get an error, check if you have entered correct IP address or not?
  • Once you solve this issue, you will get redirected to the Linksys router Login page. In this, you need to enter Default username & password.
  • Linksys router has no default username but has default password which is Admin.
  • If you have personalized the login details before then enter them.
  • Once you reach to Linksys router admin panel, starts to configure router settings.

In case, you ever want to Linksys router default Admin details then you can modify them anytime. To know more resetting your Router default login details just follow the below-mentioned steps.

Steps for Changing Linksys Router Admin Password via Web-Based Setup Page

  • Open a web browser on your computer or on the wireless device.
  • Next, enter Linksys router IP address into address bar & then press Enter Button. Linksys router IP address is
  • If your router IP address doesn’t work then check if you changed it before?
  • In case, you have not made any changes to router IP address then you can use web address myrouter.local.
  • Next, a window asks you for Login details. Enter admin for router password & enter nothing in Username Field. When you reach Router’s web-based setup page, go to Administration tab & then click on the sub-tab of Factory Defaults.

To move further for changing Linksys router Admin password, ask our experts for more steps. We have a team that can serve you quality advice on the toll-free number.  Our team is working round the clock for router users & solving issues like unable to access Admin. If you wish to have live interaction with our team then approach them for the same. You can also post comments in the comment box for early replies from our experts.