Are you interested in establishing unique & secure wireless network for your home network? Or you stay afraid from other router users who can misuse your network without your permission. Now, you don’t have to worry about, if you have Linksys smart Wi-Fi router then you are in safe hands. Linksys router has various advanced features enabled by default that safeguard your networking. Basic wireless security is one of them. It assures the user that they don’t become a puppet in the hands of hackers. You can anytime change the basic wireless setting in your Linksys router via Linksys cloud account. For generating Linksys cloud account, you require Router IP address login. Once you access the router user interface, you can simply secure your wireless network.

In this blog, we will guide you how you secure your wireless network by following few simple steps. You get the feature of basic wireless security settings on Linksys Smart Wi-Fi for protecting the wireless network. Now you might be wondering why you need basic wireless security settings? It is because our router plays a role of a first defense between online world & user. You give uniqueness to your wireless network, also naming the SSID or setup password for the network. You can also choose the security mode which only affects your network & wireless device. Not to forget, altering wireless channel to settle wireless interference. Before you get into setup, make sure you are ready with IP address login. Let’s start the process of modifying, basic wireless setting on your Linksys router.

Steps required for changing basic wireless setting on Linksys Router

  • When you change the basic wireless setting of your router, it by default disconnects each device. You need to re-connect devices with fresh settings.
  • Now, access your Linksys cloud account. In case, you have not generated Linksys cloud yet, follow steps we are providing you.
  • Open a web browser, on your computer or wireless device. Next, type Linksys router IP address login into browser address bar.

  • If IP address is giving issue to you, try to use myrouter.local into the browser address bar & press enter.
  • There may a possibility of non-working of your IP address or web address. It is because you may have made changes to both of them. So, without getting confused over it, check what your present IP address is & proceed further.
  • In next window, type Linksys router password & then click on Log in.
  • Linksys router default password is admin. In case, you modified it earlier, enter the fresh one.

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